Expanded Options

The Expanded Options (EO) program allows eligible juniors and seniors in Oregon high schools to receive high school and college credits for classes taken at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC).

Costs covered by school district: Tuition, Textbook(s), Class fees
Costs covered by student: Transportation

Website: http://www.cgcc.edu/hs-programs/expanded-options

Program Requirements

  • Contact your high school for the EO program eligibility requirements and program application. Initial eligibility for EO program is decided in the spring, prior to the students' Junior and/or Senior years in high school.
  • Meet prerequisites for college classes by achieving the following Placement Assessment scores:

    Writing: 79 (WR 121), Reading: 88 (No Reading Required), Math: Pre-Algebra 50 (MTH 60)*
    *To be eligible for college level math, students must score into College Algebra: 41 (MTH 111)

    Some college classes do not have prerequisites. Check with a CGCC advisor about classes you can take without the Placement Assessment.   

Get started

  1. Submit EO program application to your high school.
  2. Apply to Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC), and take the Placement Assessment (study guides).
  3. Meet with your high school counselor to determine which courses will meet your high school graduation requirements.
  4. Meet with a CGCC Academic Advisor to discuss college goals and create an educational plan.
  5. Purchase books.

Provides information, techniques, and strategies helpful in becoming more efficient in studying, note taking, textbook reading, and taking exams. Develops skills in scheduling study time, library research, memory strategies, and critical thinking. Prerequisites: Placement into WR 90 and RD 90. Audit available.